Culinary art of the highest level

“Everything that comes out of my kitchen is selected with care and prepared with passion,” says Walter Klose, landlord, host and passionate head chef. There is no doubt about this. For more than 20 years he has guaranteed consistent quality and been a magnet for gourmets around the world.

Head chef, entrepreneur, host

Walter Klose

How famous this restaurant actually is today is thanks to the native of Bavaria, Walter Klose. A man whose dream job has always been a chef and who cut his teeth in Samedan, Gstaad and Ascona. He made the house what it is. Especially since running the management company “Gasthaus zum Gupf AG”, founded in 2003, together with Migg Eberle. Walter Klose is not just a brilliant chef, but, together with his wife Manuela, is also a host in its best sense. One who is devoted to the well-being of his guests with heart and soul.

Gupf Auszeichnungen - Gault Millau, Guide Bleu, Michelin

Walter Klose
  • Wednesday to Sunday 11.30 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 24.00
  • Holidays: 22.07.2024 – 14.08.2024
  • Tel. +41 71 877 11 10