The Alpsteinstube

Just the right place to savour one of the fantastic set menus in a cosy atmosphere. The cosy setting has wood panelling made from local pine, exemplifying traditional craftsmanship. At the front of the dining room an open hearth crackles and pictures by Appenzeller artist Carl-Walter Liner hang on the walls. The art outside the windows was created by nature. On the left Lake Constance stretches out, on the right the Alpstein mountains with the Säntis, our own local mountain. The best view is, naturally, of the plate when our friendly staff serve the exquisite food. To finish off the evening we can recommend a whisky from one of the wooden barrels in the Alpsteinstube.

The Bodenseestube

The Bodenseestube offers one of the most beautiful views, namely of Lake Constance. You can see far over the water, from Constance to Bregenz, from Appenzell all the way to Germany and Austria. Furthermore, the sky bathes the restaurant in a special light. If the beautiful tiled stove should then also radiate a pleasant warmth on cold days – it doesn’t get any more homely than this.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Restaurant, Hotel, Weinkeller

The Gupfstube

A party in this restaurant… “that’s the peak of good fortune”. That’s what we have heard said and we are always happy when guests want to hold a special event with us in the Gupfstube. Its size is particularly well-suited to family celebrations such as birthdays, baptisms or anniversaries. It goes without saying that our gourmet cuisine makes such a day truly special. But we would also like to point out a visual pleasure: the walls of the Gupfstube are adorned with exclusive collectors’ items of Appenzeller Bauernmalerei; local folk art that is rarely found nowadays.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Restaurant, Gaststuben

The Säntisstube

The Säntisstube is our sanctuary specifically for hotel guests and is a great retreat for good conversations, a digestif or a glass of wine. Or just to browse the library in peace. We have a great deal of literature on the topics around which life revolves in our inn.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Hotel

The garden

We must confess: if we could always do whatever we wanted, we would spend a lot of time in the romantic garden in front of the house. Just to sit there under a blue sky, amongst the splendour of the flowers and to look at the Säntis is all you need to feel satisfied. From the garden some stone steps lead you up to the bronze sculpture by Kurt-Laurenz Metzler – “der Zeitungsleser”, the newspaper reader. There on the wooden bench is the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitif and to look forward to the culinary delights to follow later on in the restaurant.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Restaurant, Hotel, Weinkeller

Cigar lounge

It is something of a favourite place. Smokers of good cigars or cigarettes are far from the only ones who appreciate the glass cube in the garden. Our guests also like to retire there with a glass of wine for a good conversation. Particularly when it is cooler outside or even in winter when there is snow on the ground. That’s when an open fire is burning, making the lounge with its small tables incredibly cosy.

  • Wednesday to Sunday 11.30 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 24.00
  • Holidays: 22.07.2024 – 14.08.2024
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