480-litre world record wine bottle

A quintessence of the extraordinary

Truly everything about the world record bottle is spectacular: the size, the weight and not least its production.

There is only one of the world record bottle. Its production involved comprehensive clarifications and precise calculations.

Total content 480 l
Bottle height 240 cm
Bottle diameter 68 cm
Bottle thickness 1 cm
Total bottle weight 630 kg

Height 240 cm instead of 29 cm, diameter 68 cm instead of 7 cm. The outer dimensions of the world record bottle are impressive.

Ratio 1:640. There is space for no fewer than 640 ordinary wine bottles of 0.75 litres in the record bottle.

Total weight 630 kg. The record bottle weighs as much as one of the young Limousin cattle that graze in front of the Gasthaus zum Gupf.

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