Wine cellar

Treasures for connoisseurs

“One of the most exclusive wine cellars in Switzerland,” writes “falstaff”. And truly there is an abundance of wine in the impressively designed vault under the house. 
30,000 bottles, 3,000 varieties, including the best of the best that the vineyards of Europe have to offer. Such as a complete Château Mouton Rothschild collection from 1938 to today. On the topic of superlatives: our wine cellar includes a large bottle cellar with our 480-litre world record bottle.

80 percent of our inventory is comprised of red wine.

Wine treasure trove

Exclusive wines from all over Europe, such as various years of the Château Pétrus – the treasure trove is true to its name. And, as a treasure trove should be, it is not so easy to discover. It requires sommelier Stefan Schachner to press a switch, after which a wall opens as if by magic. This is adorned by an eight-metre-long engraved depiction of a cattle drive – the largest of its kind and a visual delight.

Large bottle cellar

Large bottles are already quite rare. Around 800 of them await connoisseurs in the vault cellar. The special part is that wine in bottles with large volumes mature more slowly and taste more complex. A few examples of our large bottles:

Double Magnum 3 litres
Jeroboam 5 litres
Imperial 6 litres
Salmanazar 9 litres
Balthazar 12 litres
Nebuchadnezzar 15 litres
Melchior 18 litres
Primat 27 litres

The Gasthaus zum Gupf is particularly proud of its world record bottle with 480 litres.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Grossflaschenkeller

The largest bottle in the world

A volume of 480 litres, 2.40 metres tall and certified as the largest wine bottle in the world by Guinness World Records in 2007. It was filled by Weinlaubenhof Kracher in Burgenland, Austria and is the attraction of the large bottle cellar. Its content: a Trockenbeerenauslese Nouvelle Vage Grande Cuvée No. 7 from 2005. Will it ever be opened? In a few decades perhaps; dessert wine lasts a lifetime.

Find out more about the 480-litre wine bottle.

The sommelier

Our head sommelier Stefan Schachner and “Chef de Cave” is a renowned expert and at home in the European wine regions like no other. Since 2005 he has been at the side of our guests, together with an outstanding service team. With his help everyone finds the right wine for them and has an opportunity to discover something new. We are glad to have such a wine lover with us.

Gasthaus zum Gupf - Sommelier, Stefan Schachner
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